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Israel Legal Operations Association

Israel’s Legal Operations Association brings to the foreground a fascinating field which involves elements from management, technology, branding and operations.

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The field of Legal Ops has been active overseas for the past two decades, and is taking its first steps in Israel. The ILOA (Israel's Legal Operations Association) organization seeks to unite professionals in the State of Israel, in order to create fertile ground for cooperation, exchange of knowledge, brainstorming and the advancement of legal operations as a field.

The organization was established by LawFlex, which is the first entity in Israel that provides consulting services in this field.

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Among the topics covered by the field of Legal Operations

  • Legal tech

  • Growth strategies

  • Adapting the needs of the organization to the legal department

  • Financial management

  • Knowledge conservation

  • And much more

The field of legal operations is a general name for the processes that - at the end of the day - will lead to the maximization of the capabilities of the legal department, the expansion of internal legal counsel and growth of the organization.



Address: 35 Hamesgar (4th floor), Tel Aviv

phone: 03-7798977


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